Buckley Airfield Property Auction Loan


LOAN AMOUNT: $290,000
LOAN DATE: March 2013 to June 2013
LOCATION: Buckley, Pierce County Residential
LOAN TYPE: Auction Loan, 9 Month Term
Knoben-AirField 6.18

DETAILS: This very unique property was purchased at the Pierce County foreclosure auction in early March 2013 for $333,000.  This property was purchased by a very experienced real estate investor who works with John L Scott Foreclosure Services.  The house  boasts 2700+ square feet and sits on a lot just shy of an acre.  The property sits on the Prairie Airport runway and boasts an additional 4000+ square foot hanger and fuel pump.  This is a unique property that would be very attractive to a pilot.  Once the property was listed, the house went under contact at full price in 8 days.  The house successfully sold and closed in June 2013.


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