Central Area Fix & Flip Loan

LOAN AMOUNT: $190,000
LOAN DATE: March 2013 to August 2013
LOCATION: Central Area, Seattle- King County Residential
LOAN TYPE: Bridge Loan, 6 Month Term
DETAILS: This property was purchased for $380,000 by an experienced Veristone real estate investor.  This property boasts 2100+ square feet and went through a “studs-out” remodel.  The house received modern finishes with bamboo floors, modern style hardi-siding, quartz counters, stainless, steel railings, new windows, new door, new roof and more.  This house got tricked out.  The borrower completed this project in under 4 months and sold the property for full price in four days.  The property successfully closed in August 2013.

Davis Hsu

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