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For our latest customer success story, Veristone would like to shine the spotlight on Nicholas Riddell from F&F Ventures, LLC. We partnered with Nicholas and his clients in order to make their desire to fix and flip a property in Shoreline a reality. And as it turned out, it not only became a reality but an extremely profitable one!


Veristone: Tell us about the property, and its condition when you first found it.

Nicholas: It’s a single family home in Shoreline. It was built in 1965, and believe me, you could tell! Really bad green trim around the exterior, old Formica countertops, ugly linoleum floor in the kitchen, fake wood paneled walls, and much worse.

Veristone: What was the purchase price?

Nicholas: We bought it for $245,000.00.

Veristone: What upgrades did you make, and how much did they cost?

Nicholas: We did a beautiful exterior paint job and completely renovated the interior with granite countertops, new cabinets, tile and hardwood floors, everything. It looked absolutely stunning when we finished. The renovation cost us $60,000.00.

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Veristone: OK, now for the big question: How much did you sell the home for?

Nicholas: We sold it for $380,000.00, for a total profit of $75,000.00. It was on the market for less than three weeks.

Veristone: Congratulations! And what was your experience like working with Veristone?

Nicholas: Kevin McFarlan was our loan officer, and he definitely went above and beyond the call of duty in order to expedite everything. He was available after hours, day and night, to facilitate this venture. But beyond just that, my clients were first-timers, and Kevin’s guidance and easy-going personality really put them at ease when it could have been easy for them to stress out or panic.

Veristone: So it sounds like we will be hearing from you again in the future?

Nicholas: Absolutely. As soon as the next project presents itself, we’ll be giving you a call!

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