Fix and Flip Loans: A Roundtable Discussion

fix-and-flip (2)We are very excited to report that Veristone’s own Travis Wandell and D.J. Vyzis recently sat down with industry experts Nick Neal and Tarl Yarber to participate in a roundtable discussion on the Real Estate Radio Network.

The topic? Real estate fix-and-flips.

To introduce the participants in the discussion, Nick is involved in conventional lending through Graystone Mortgage, and Tarl has flipped and wholesaled 400+ properties in the last 6 years with Fixated Real Estate LLC. And as for the Veristone players, Travis is a former private capital lender in the Spokane area and has extensive experience with quick financing and creative structures, and D.J. has owned a construction company as well as managed the foreclosure department of Empower Real Estate. He also co-owned the JD Investment Group which focused on foreclosures.

As you undoubtedly know, many traditional lenders are hesitant about fix-and-flip loans due to their short terms, and even when a loan can be secured the process is usually frustratingly slow. Needless to say, we at Veristone love fix-and-flips, and this roundtable discussion is a great way to learn why the Pacific Northwest, and the greater Seattle area in particular, is the perfect market for pursuing a fix-and-flip loan.

You can tune in here.

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