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With a vMax loan, you can leverage equity in one Veristone property to purchase another.

By borrowing against equity you already have in a Veristone-financed property, you can put our speed and responsive service to work for you on your next project.

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If you need quick funding for a time-sensitive project and you’re already a Veristone client, you can use your equity in Property A to purchase Property B—as long as Veristone is your funding source for both. We provide quick pre-qualification and fast closings and, as with all our loans, the lengthy timelines and restrictions you’ll face when working with a bank are non-existent.

The vMax product offers a simple and competitive loan that can be used toward the down payment and closing costs on a new Veristone-financed investment purchase. The result: you can take advantage of an opportunity sooner with less—or potentially no—money to close.


  • For Individuals and Business Entities?
  • Conventional Escrow and Unconventional Investor Purchases (Trustee, Sheriff, Online Auction)
  • Minimum Down Payment – 20%
  • Maximum LTV 70% (Finished Value)
  • Personal Guaranty


  • RATE: starting at 8.99% (interest only payments)
  • TERM: up to 24 months
  • ORIGINATION FEE: starting at 2%


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