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With guidance from experienced professionals, Veristone has created a loan designed both by and for contractors and developers. You have spoken, and we have listened. Put our great terms, simple process and quick approvals to work.

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The builder loan is specifically designed to be convenient for both contractors and developers. Our simple process facilitates quick approval of your plans, specs, and budgets, so you can get building as soon as possible.

Because even the best construction plans sometimes require changes, Veristone’s terms allow for weekly construction holdback draws and can be structured to finance up to 100% of construction costs (subject to approval), including soft costs. There are no surprises with Veristone.


  • Builders license and bond
  • Plans, scope of work, and cost breakdown
  • Permit or Application
  • Veristone’s simple and short application


  • Interest rate and fee
  • Loan to finished value
  • Loan term
  • Financing up to 100%



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Our streamlined process moves borrowers from loan request to funding in a matter of days.

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