Customer Spotlight: Molly Shovlin & Stephanie Griffin

Molly and StephanieFor this edition of our Customer Spotlight, Veristone would like to introduce Stephanie Griffin and Molly Shovlin, owners of 2 By 2 Properties. Stephanie and Molly have been partnering with Veristone since they began their business, and we recently sat down with them to discuss their experiences so far, and to see how their real estate ventures are going.


Veristone: How about a little background? What is your history together?

Stephanie: Molly and I have known each other for 17 years and we started this business in November, 2015. I previously owned and operated a Cookies By Design Franchise for over 10 years before deciding to stay at home with my kids, during which time I went back to school and got my interior design degree.

Molly: I have been in the construction industry since 1996. Stephanie and I had discussed going into business together for years, but we could never find the right fit. We then attended a Fortune Builders seminar and decided to form 2 By 2 Properties, LLC together.  It was then that we found something that blended both of our interests and experience.

Veristone: How many fix-and-flips have you completed, and how has Veristone played a role?

Molly:  Since the conception of 2 By 2 Properties we have completed three projects and are just embarking on number four. We actually became aware of this most recent project through our connections at Veristone. Travis Wandell was aware that we were actively looking for another venture, and when this came across his desk he immediately forwarded it to us. This is another perk of working with Veristone! We checked it out, did our due diligence, and had it under contract within 3 days. This will be a quick one as we hope to have it back on the market in a month.

Stephanie: As this is our 3rd deal using Veristone, it’s pretty obvious that we truly enjoy working with everyone there.  Every staff member is friendly, helpful, and available to answer questions at a moment’s notice.  The process has been so easy and smooth with them.  Not nearly as complicated as we expected when considering getting hard money!

Veristone: So all in all it sounds like your experience thus far with Veristone has been a positive one, both personally and professionally?

Molly: Well, we have completed three fix-and-flips in six months, all with easy, no-hassle prequalification and quick funding. The process is simple, and we couldn’t be happier with the support we have received.

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