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Being a Hard Money lender isn’t only about making and managing loans. Like most businesses involving real estate, there is tremendous value in knowing your market and knowing your clients.
The quote “If your business comes from relationships, relationships should be your business” is a great reflection of Veristone’s commitment to this philosophy. Everyone on the team recognizes that the more you know about each client, the better you can help them and the happier they’ll be with your service. Veristone can share many great stories about how listening to the unique perspectives of industry partners, inspires thinking outside the box and results in renewed team focus.
It is with this spirit in mind, that Veristone recently hosted an evening of networking with the local real estate and investment community. The event was a top-notch affair. Efeste winery was selected as the location based on their award winning wines, amazing food and in the (real estate inspired) spirit of finding a hidden gem, as Efeste was recently recognized as one of the Top 10 undiscovered wineries in WA.

efestePulling together a good networking event, takes effort, sincerity and time. On this night it was great to hear friends and colleagues talking about the essence of real estate ownership as being smart and safe – two of the most important aspects of any investment.
Justin Andrews (VP Marketing at Veristone) commented that the event “was a huge success and something we will definitely look do to do again soon – most likely on the West side or down South.” Please take the time to attend the next event, it’s truly a valuable investment. Who knows, maybe one of the Veristone market experts (pictured below) will share some secrets which you can leverage for your clients. Cheers to all of our friends in the business.



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