Seattle Real Estate Investor Education Workshop

You’ve heard of the Stone Age, right? And the Gilded Age, and the Bronze Age? Well, we live in the Internet Age, a time when knowledge is no longer centralized and guarded by elite gatekeepers but is dispersed, widespread, and available to anyone with a mouse to click or an app to tap.

But there is a drawback to this.

The democratization and decentralization of data, far from instilling confidence in us, often can paralyze us. Especially when faced with complex issues like how to leverage real estate (RE) opportunism and money. Drowning out the noise and hearing from the experts is a great first step in the right direction.

This is where Veristone comes in.

Veristone Capital offers Hard Money Education Workshops designed to help you make wise financial decisions and earn more money on your RE investments with the use of positive leverage. Our Education Workshops provide a great opportunity to connect with our team of experts and will help with questions like, “How do Hard Money Loans work?”; “How do I finance construction or rehab of investment purchases?”; and, “How do I refinance or access equity in existing real estate investment?” Topics include:

  • Basic Principles of Hard Money
  • As Fast As Cash Offers
  • Getting Pre-qualified
  • Procession & Underwriting
  • Purchase Loan Programs
  • Refinance Loan Uses
  • Construction Financing

Each workshop will have a Q&A session to ensure that you have grasped the valuable information you’ve been given.

At Veristone, our aim is to help our clients become savvy, well-informed RE investors. As private money lenders and mortgage professionals serving the greater Pacific Northwest area, we want our years of experience to serve you in the most effective way possible. This unique Education Workshop is a must for anyone looking to improve their chances of success in the competitive market of RE investing.

Register today!

Our Investor Education Workshops are held at our corporate headquarters in Kirkland, WA, on the first Tuesday of every month, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. We will provide the food and drinks, all you need to bring are a pen and paper, and minds that are ready to learn and grow!


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