“Social Savvy” Investors go beyond Facebook

It’s no secret that in order to gain a competitive edge in sourcing or selling a house you should learn to utilize social media.

If you’ve begun using Facebook you’re on the right track. But you should also be considering other social media sites. Especially those that are primarily visual.
• 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
• Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.
• A picture is worth a 1,000 words.

This isn’t just photos, but can include info-graphics and videos as well. It’s worth noting that sites drive a 12% growth in traffic when they use infographics. This means that Pinterest and Instagram which focus on visuals, join Facebook as great social media tools. Twitter also leverages these resources and lands as a must use social tool as well.

There is a big advantage if you use all of these social networks in a coordinated fashion. When doing so, add the social media badges to your primary business website. Also, add the share, like, tweet, pin-it buttons to any content you post. Cross-promote between your accounts! Set-up auto-updating between accounts! (For example a pin on a Pinterest board can be set-up to automatically be shared to your Facebook page.)

Another important rule of thumb – have 80% of your content focus on lifestyle and community with 20% dealing with your business (listings).
Below are some key strategies to consider:






• Join local/community boards … post to this board and get people to collaborate on your posts. By doing this, you’ll build up a digital community with a significant local presence. Then when you have sourcing or listing question, use this board and link back to your business website (listing).
• Start a board using a topic that is loosely connected to real estate (DIY repairs, investing, decoration, etc.). You can post images about these, build up a community of followers, and then sprinkle images that link to your listings when the time is right. As long as you keep it local, your listings will be shown to the right people.
• Set-up a board about your neighborhood, real estate investing lifestyles or home design and décor.
• Set-up a team board: people like to put a face with a name, so have a board devoted to your team.
• Create a board for successful projects (with captions describing the deal – create buzz).
• Pinterest takes advantage of Hashtags, similar to twitter, so use them.
• Follow key metrics: average repin per pins, average likes per pin, average comments per pin, impressions, clicks, most repined, top fans and influencers, pin reach, velocity.






• You have the option to share photos to your photo map before posting. This uses the geo-tag feature and puts a thumbnail of your photo onto a Google map so that you can see where it was taken.
• If you wanted to display your familiarity with a certain neighborhood or city, an eye-appealing Instagram photo map mixed with a Google map that shows your homes, restaurants you’ve frequented, and local events you’ve attended. Use a service like SnapWidget to link the map back to your own website. Now your website can show that you are a local expert.
• Instagram allows you to share up to 15 seconds of video. You can create a 15 second video tour of a flip, by capturing 1-2 seconds in each room. (viewers can pause and rewind)




• Have a complete profile: Make sure you have a complete profile on Twitter (good headshot, logo and background).
• There is nothing better than taking a picture and posting it on Twitter with local hashtags. People love to engage with material that is local and tweets with images see a 5X higher engagement.
• Use “Twitter Import” to see if past clients and associates are on Twitter. If they are on Twitter, follow them. Maybe even follow some of their friends if they are local.
• Add them to a “list” (don’t name the list “prospects”, as they can see that they have been added to your list)… and then view the list daily and engage where possible.
• Build a relationship first and don’t spam the list members – focus on re-Tweeting, replying, and exchanging information and initiate the sales process later.
• It’s best to promote other peoples content and engage with users rather than always posting your own tweets/content. You’ll find that the people you promote will then cross promote your content. (80/20 rule … content with overt business focus only 20% of the time.)
• Time your tweets to coincide with local events (high school sports, concerts, community gatherings, etc.) and include the local hashtag, along with your listing/business hashtag.
• The key to hashtags is to find ones that people actually use. Including a Hashtag doubles your engagement.
• Tweet local news, real estate tips, pertinent questions – these will generate activity.


There are many more ways you can build a sourcing network and/or market listings through social media. What additional tips do you have? How do you engage your investor network or home buying clients online?

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