Tukwila Foreclosure Auction Loans

As any savvy real estate investor knows, there is money to be made at property auctions in Tukwila. Whether fixer-uppers or ready-to-flip properties, when the right deal presents itself you need to be ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

But let's be honest: Not everyone has time for the auction scene. That's where we come in.

Once you become a pre-qualified buyer with Veristone, one of our representatives will work on your behalf to scout attractive purchases at Tukwila's foreclosure auctions, snap them up, and hand them over to you. Upon winning a property at auction, you can fund the deal with one of our loan products: a Tukwila Bridge Loan, a Tukwila Fix & Flip loan, a Tukwila vMax loan, or a Tukwila v100 loan. Other important details to keep in mind: (1) your down payment must be received the same day of property acquisition and (2) we offer a same day loan, with a fee of ½% of the winning bid amount or $1,000, whichever is greater. This service is available to pre-qualified Veristone clients.

If you're not pre-qualified yet, you can take care of that here.

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Do I need to prequalify?

Yes, Veristone’s process for purchasing foreclosures at auction in Tukwila is only available to prequalified clients. So, if you are not yet prequalified, please do that here.

Can Veristone provide my letter of prequalification? Is it difficult to prequalify? What is the typical loan duration? What is the maximum loan-to-value (LTV)? What is the minimum FICO/credit score for the foreclosure loan? Does the loan contain a prepayment penalty?

Your hard money loan can be used for:

purchase transactions
refinance transactions
cash out transactions


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Loan Programs:

If you have a viable exit strategy that is short-term—within 12 months of the funding of the loan—Veristone’s standard bridge loan is an excellent loan product to consider. Your bridge loan can be used for (1) purchase transactions, (2) refinance transactions or (3) cash out transactions.
With our Fix & Flip loan, you’ll not only receive acquisition funds, you’ll also have access to a construction holdback account for the approved construction budget. This loan, specifically designed for Tukwila rehabbers, gives you an "all in one" loan program to help you acquire, rehab, and quickly sell a property.
We specifically designed the construction loan to be convenient for Tukwila investors, builders, and developers. Great terms, simple application process, and quick approvals. With our speedy approvals you can finalize plans, specs, and budgets—and start building sooner.
Our commercial loans are designed to help Tukwila investors move quickly on the purchase, refinance, and/or rehab of commercial, multi-family, or other investment properties. Every day, we fund deals of up to $20MM across the Western United States.

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