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Since inception, we’ve funded loans in excess of one billion dollars and have helped thousands of investors. Solid loan programs, expert staff, and speedy closings—that’s the Veristone difference.

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Bridge Loan – For Borrowers with a Short-Term Exit Strategy

If you have a viable exit strategy that is short-term—within 12 months of the funding of the loan—Veristone’s standard bridge loan is an excellent loan product to consider. Your bridge loan can be used for (1) purchase transactions, (2) refinance transactions or (3) cash out transactions.

Fix & Flip Loan – To Acquire, Rehab, and Quickly Sell

With our Fix & Flip loan, you’ll not only receive acquisition funds, you’ll also have access to a construction holdback account for the approved construction budget. This loan, specifically designed for rehabbers, gives you an “all in one” loan program to help you acquire, rehab, and quickly sell a property.

vMax Loan – For Veristone Borrowers Seeking Equity to Reinvest

Avoid the hassle of traditional lending and leverage your equity in a Veristone-financed property. You can get your next property with less—or potentially no—money to close. vMax funds can be used toward the down payment and closing cost on a new Veristone-financed purchase.

v100 Loan – Get Your Down Payment Back (100% Financing!)

Because of its full financing feature, quick pre-qualification, and fast closings, the v100 loan is an appealing option for real estate developers who want to “cash out” upon the completion of a project to use toward additional investment purchases or business expenses.

Construction Loan – Designed for Contractors and Developers

We specifically designed the construction loan to be convenient for construction professionals. Great terms, simple application process, and quick approvals. With our speedy approvals you can finalize plans, specs, and budgets—and start building sooner.

Commercial Loan – Urgent Loans Require Immediate Action

Our commercial loans are designed to help investors move quickly on the purchase, refinance, and/or rehab of commercial, multi-family, or other investment properties. Every day, we fund deals of up to $10MM across the Western United States.

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